Easy Bathroom - Our Bathroom Renovation Process

Read about our process of delivering the best Bathroom Renovation avaialbe in Toronto (we are also very modest)

Once the bathroom renovation process starts it's really a beginning of a relationship and trust between you and us - Easy Bathroom. We are trying to be as transparent as possible with you without involving you too much in the dirty work. From the first meeting to the delivery of your quote to the last good bye - we keep your satisfaction and happiness with your finished project at our topmost priority. If you are just daydreaming about a newly renovated bathroom or getting ready to start your project with us - the below bathroom renovation process description will help you in knowing what to anticipate and be prepared for the weeks of renovation and the excitement that comes with it.

Quote Process

  • Initial contact

    Our quote proccess can be either an online free quote when you have a standard no modification bathroom renovation.
    OR, for more complex projects you can get a one hour home consultation for $50 (waived when you go ahead with us). Read more about our bathroom quote options.
  • Quotation Process

    We’ll provide you a written and itemized quote for your bathroom renovation project.
  • Signing and Putting it in our Calendars

    Once we agree on the price and timeframes we would need to sign the contract where we set up a payment schedule, start and finish date and other important details.

The Renovation

  • Here we go...

    Start date arrives. Setting up work site. We would require one adjacent room to be emptied for tools and materials storage.
  • Regular Status Updates for You

    At the end of every day we will keep you in the know and show you all steps of the renovation process
  • Keeping it Clean at All Times

    We will do regular garbage clean ups and vacuuming. You might not even notice that you have a construction in your house. Read about our bathroom renovation processes that will leave you a happy client
  • Who is Working in your Home

    You will not have an army of unknown and unfriendly people marching through your home only caring of finishing their part of work and leaving. You will have maximum 3 people on site that you might get to know very well.
  • We've Got it Down to a Science

    Since we've been in the bathroom renovation business for over 10 years we developed a system that works best for us and for our clients. It's a win win solution. read our bathroom renovation philosophy

There it is

  • Handing off the Bathroom for you to Start Enjoying

    On the last day of the project; all garbage and debris are out, we’ll do a full cleanup of your new bathroom and make sure that everything works fine. We will leave only after we’ll see you smile.
  • See and read about our completed projects

    We are transparent at showing you what we do. Check out the our before and after bathroom renovations
  • Read our reviews from Homestars and Google+

    Happy customers are never shy at recommending us to their friends, family, or online. Read our customer testimonials

We don’t just say that we can do it. We are backing it up with our own, no fake or stock purchased photos, before and after galleries, real 100 % authentic customer reviews of their bathroom renovations.

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