Easy Bathroom - Who We Are

Specializing in Bathroom Renovations in Toronto. Here is how we make it an easy choice for you.

My name is Andrei Chpak and I am the owner of Easy Bathroom. We’re based out of Toronto and serving many of the nearby regions. I have more than 10 years of experience in renovation and remodeling business. I work with my tradesman side by side ensuring we deliver high quality bathroom renovation projects with great attention to details, fast turnaround and great customer service.

We work in small but highly skilled and efficient teams which allow us to quickly navigate through your bathroom renovation project and not to create many distractions to your daily life. In fact we can turn your old and ugly 20 yrs old bathroom into a modern and slick space within few weeks and without you losing your shirt.

How we make it easy?

We supply high quality labour and best construction materials – you supply fixtures and accessories – easy! All you would need to do is select floor and wall tiles, select sink and shower faucets, vanity, lighting fixture, toilet, select your paint and accessories and the rest you will leave to us.

Don’t get us wrong , bathroom renovation is definitely not an easy or undertaking task by no means. What makes it easy is our expertise and our focus on bathrooms alone – meaning we know all the ins and outs of a bathroom renovations and we can easily resolve and troubleshoot anything that might come up, and our passion for the perfectly renovated bathroom comes with the package – that way it looks easy to you!

We don’t just say that we can do it. We are backing it up with our own, no fake or stock purchased photos, before and after galleries, real 100 % authentic customer reviews of their bathroom renovations experiences (not wall painting, tiling, or flooring) and a successful track record of doing actual bathroom renovations for the past seven years.

Who we are for?

We are not for everyone. We will work best for people who know what they want with their bathroom renovation and who are capable of choosing their own fixtures and accessories based on their individual tastes and preferences. This way a client saves a big chunk of money that otherwise will go to the designers.

We don’t work with people who need handholding in selecting fixtures and who doesn’t know what they want. For this, there are many full service renovation companies. Most of our clients are families that have an idea of what they want to do in their bathroom and want somebody who can deliver great results working with what they have chosen.

We don’t just say that we can do it. We are backing it up with our own, no fake or stock purchased photos, before and after galleries, real 100 % authentic customer reviews of their bathroom renovations.

Why you should go with us?

Sometimes finding the right bathroom renovations contractor in Toronto might seem like a daunting task. There are so many companies to choose from but how do you know that they are the right people to do the job? We want to make it easy for your (yes we will keep saying the E word)! Here is a list of reasons why you should close the white pages and give us a call to schedule your quote appointment:

Here is Why

  • Ad-hoc changes? no problem!

    Make changes or adjustments to the project on demand
  • We produce beautiful results

    Our work is oriented on the whole and final product – your beautiful and clean bathroom
  • Giving you the full control

    From picking your tiles and color to making decisions about layout, you are in control
  • More cost effective than working with general contractor and a designer.

    No need to involve a costly designer if you can select your own fixtures and accessories.

Here is Why

  • Fast turnaround times.

    An average bathroom renovation lasts only 8 days.
  • We know how to work around kids, pets, elders.

    We know that your dog can steal our lunch sometimes and we’re ok with that.
  • We specialize in all in every kind of bathroom remodeling.

    Facelifts, changing the layout, changing the floor plan, tub to shower conversions, building bathroom from scratch etc.
  • Our teams are using cutting edge technologies

    and working with the best tools available for the job.

Here is Why

  • We will listen to exactly what you want to do

    And will use our experience and expertise to make it happened.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    We come to your home and we don’t leave until the project is finished and you’re 100% happy

Making it Easy for You.

Understand what is involved in successfully and safely completing your project with best results and client experience

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